PopPD's Mission

We are learning enthusiasts who make digital content actionable because we believe everyone should have access to the tools they need to succeed. Our mission is to make knowledge shareable and actionable for all lifelong learners so they can get the right things done to achieve their goals.


We believe every individual should be empowered to solve their problems, pursue their passions, and share what they've learned to help others.


We believe anyone can grow and enact positive change when they have the right tools to support them.


We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn from and teach others, regardless of their background or lived experience.


We believe the process of learning and teaching should be as enjoyable as the results they produce.

An online learning experience platform created by educators.

The PopPD platform and community were founded by Alissa McDonald and Megan Kensington, two former educators driven by their shared love for designing and delivering meaningful learning experiences.

Alissa taught fifth grade and special education for 13 years. She brings expertise in crafting engaging content and establishing strong connections with audiences online.

Megan taught English and interdisciplinary studies at the high school and college levels for 10 years. Her background in curriculum design and instructional technology equips her with the skills to create effective and dynamic learning experiences online.

Alissa and Megan are on a mission to empower creators and educators globally. Their vision is to revolutionize asynchronous learning experiences and introduce a fresh, innovative approach to online learning.

We encourage, support, and celebrate the diverse voices of educators.

Change in education is fueled by conversation and innovation among educators with a mix of perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. This is why we created the PopPD community specifically for K-12 educators.

We are deeply committed to supporting all educators by amplifying their unique perspectives. We also acknowledge that professional development in insolation is not the solution to the systemic change needed in some industries, such as education. We will uphold our vision for turning professional development on its head in service of educators, but this is not the only work we do to push forward change in education.

We align our diversity, equity, and inclusion work with 3 pillars: Our creators, our learners, and our team. Everything we do within these 3 pillars is based on our core values: Empowerment, Growth, Equity, and Joy.


Change is fueled by conversation and innovation.

We welcome and seek to connect with leaders from different races, generations, geographical locations, gender minorities, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and individuals with disabilities.

Educators from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to share their expertise and make an impact on others.


We give learners the space to explore and experience different perspectives and points of view in a flexible setting with access to better tools, resources, and inspiration.

PopStudio helps creators learn and grow so that they can best support learners from a variety of culture, races, belief systems, genders, sexual identities, and other backgrounds.

The PopPD Team

The future of the work must be inclusive. We look for voices unlike our own to help us carry the vision of this company forward.

We believe in creating a work environment that breaks the mold and prioritizes the diverse needs of the team. We don't have all the answers, but we will continue to ask the questions.
Alissa McDonald
Megan Kensington
Nicole Scanlan
Operations Assistant
Caitie Cupples
Marketing Assistant
Nate Ritter
Product Advisor
Kimmy Paluch
Sergio Paluch