The most effective and innovative way to support teacher growth.

An interactive, hybrid coaching space used by instructional coaches, educational consultants, and teachers.

You’re 3 steps away from delivering your best hybrid or virtual PD experience.

Provide live training.

Easily create a dynamic learning experience for teachers.

Use your in-house Instructional Coaches or connect with one of our Certified Coaches for in-person or virtual training sessions.

Host live, virtual workshops directly on our platform.

Support implementation with virtual resources.

Coaches work on projects alongside teachers inside a virtual workspace, suggesting action steps for implementation and providing additional resources.

Coaches use our research-backed learning experience templates to combine demo lessons, tools, models, and annotations into action-focused virtual trainings.

Teachers access personalized resources on demand with the help of an AI-powered teaching assistant.

Participate in virtual coaching cycles.

Teachers can choose to upload video files, audio, or documents for timely feedback from coaches.

Coaches can timestamp videos to provide targeted feedback on instructional methods.

Coaches chat with teachers and create professional learning communities for continued support.

One-off workshops aren't enough.

Our platform utilizes best practices from personalized professional development and virtual coaching cycles to help you offer the right training and support whenever and wherever your teachers need it.
Our Research-Backed Coaching Platform

1. Set goals and personalize learning

Create or curate resources to help your teachers find the resources they need.

2. Teach and model specific techniques with demo video lessons

Annotate resources to provide context and instructional strategies.

3. Give timely feedback on lesson videos and materials

Teachers can submit videos or audio with time-stamped, interactive feedback.

4. Embed learner practice and support action planning

Create and track tasks and organize collaborative projects to help teachers implement.

5. Host live events

Schedule virtual coaching sessions, workshops, or roundtables directly inside the platform.

6. Offer 1:1 support and coaching

Provide 1:1 support in a private coaching space or share resources in a private professional learning community.

Sims, S., Fletcher-Wood, H., O’Mara-Eves, A., Cottingham, S., Stansfield, C., Van Herwegen, J., Anders, J. (2021). What are the Characteristics of Teacher Professional Development that Increase Pupil Achievement? A systematic review and meta-analysis. London: Education Endowment Foundation. Accessed from:

Thomas Chandy Varkey, John A. Varkey, Jack B. Ding, Philip K. Varkey, Colton Zeitler, Anne M. Nguyen, Zachary I. Merhavy, Charles Ryan Thomas; Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning ISSN: 2397 - 7604; Open Access. Article publication date: 12 December 2022; Issue publication date: 30 March 2023. Accessed from:

School Leaders, Consultants, and Instructional Coaches use PopPD to craft personalized learning experiences for their teachers in a private workspace.

→Connect with our Certified Coaches

Choose one of our content experts to put together a custom PD for your school, virtually or in-person.

→ Curate PD in a Closed Workspace

Share resources exclusively for your teachers, and support the work in a private professional learning community. Collaborate on projects with Instructional Coaches.

→ Hold Live Workshops and Events

Hold live workshops or summits directly inside our platform for a private, professional virtual PD.

→ Share Demo

Record model lessons and give a play-by-play with our annotation feature or let your teachers submit videos or audio files for feedback on lessons.

Sign up to try out the platform for free. Schools and consultants, book a demo to see the full hybrid coaching model in action.

Sign up for an account on PopPD

Simply enter your information to sign up for a free workspace by clicking the Sign Up button above.

Start creating or curating your PD experience

You can get started right away creating an online learning experience for free! Try one of our drag-and-drop learning experience templates.

Meet with a PD Planner

Book a PD Planning Session with our team and get access to a private, interactive coaching workspace just for your school.

Consultants use PopPD to offer custom training and personalized coaching for teachers in a private workspace.

Use PopPD to…
  • Design your own virtual learning experience in a space designed for teachers
  • Provide ongoing coaching support as part of a hybrid offer
  • Measure teacher implementation and offer customized support
Become a Preferred PD Partner to..
  • - Connect with schools looking for targeted support

    - Get on our list of consultants ready to create training content for schools

Let us help you plan your most effective PD experience yet.

Use PopPD to…
  • Connect with Certified Coaches for in-person or virtual training.
  • Schedule sessions with our PD Planning Team to create a hybrid PD experience.
  • Continue to support teachers with a private, virtual workspace of training resources.
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“I just got the most amazing email from one of my teacher participants."

"This teacher’s outlook on her school year is transformed! And it literally would not have happened if it were not for PopPD. Thank you for what you’re doing. I’m in tears over this!”

- Educational Consultant

“In the past few years, I've been playing around with providing PD for my teachers virtually."

"PopPD gives me the ability to curate videos and resources I find online into pathways of content. I might even make my own videos! It's easy to use and helps my teachers focus on exactly what they need.”

- School Leader

“We needed to develop a virtual training for the teachers using our program..."

"...but without a Learning & Development specialist on our team, it kept getting pushed to the bottom of our to-do list. PopPD makes it easy for us to roll out our training to teachers through quick, actionable content.”

- Organization Founder


I'm a school leader. How do I pay for my teachers to take a PD listed on your site?

If you’re interested in purchasing a class from our training library created by teachers, please send us a message for our group pricing. We can facilitate payments and assign multiple teachers to a class. If you’re looking to give your teachers a budget to use on classes they choose, reach out to set up an individual wallet for each teacher. We offer bulk pricing on credits and can facilitate payments.

I'm a school leader. Can I use PopPD's platform to host hybrid coaching and training?

Absolutely! You can use your own in-house Instructional Coaches and resources to curate a PD experience, or contact us to connect with one of our PopPD Certified Coaches. Use our platform to empower your Instructional Coaches to set goals, interact with teachers, share personalized resources, and provide feedback.

I'm an educational consultant. Can I use your platform to roll out my PD?

Yes! Consultants use our platform to deliver a professional hybrid learning experience. Rather than sending schools to a YouTube channel and a Facebook group, gather your teachers on PopPD -- an interactive coaching platform they can trust. They’ll love our easy-to-use platform that is designed for implementation. Contact us to apply to become a Certified PopPD Coach to work with our partner schools.

I'm a teacher. How can I get reimbursed for my PD?

Many schools will pay up front for classes from our training library or reimburse your purchase. We have a variety of resources available to help facilitate this process. If your school leaders are interested in learning more about PopPD, please share our information with them!