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Use our structured learning templates to create a new path of content from video links, embedded docs or PDFs, images, and more!

Add notes and tasks.

No more scripting out lectures or recording lengthy videos.

Annotate resources with quick tips, insights, and concrete action steps to share what really matters.

Share with Learners.

Get learners results and earn rave reviews.

Help your audience turn learning into action with an interactive workspace they can personalize with their own saved content, notes, and tasks.

Online learning doesn’t have to be boring.

We care about your learners taking action on their goals. (Which leads to raving reviews for you and unshakable buy-in from learners!)

PopPD utilizes best practices from studies on learning & development and asynchronous learning to help you offer the right training whenever and wherever your your audience needs it.
Our Research-Backed Learning Templates

1. Set goals and prompt metacognition

Personalized Learner Dashboard, Reflection Prompts

2. Teach and model specific techniques with mixed media instruction

Multimedia Resource Formats with Creator Annotations

3. Prompt idea articulation and development

Learner Annotations

4. Embed learner practice and support action planning

Task-based Projects, Dynamic Tasks & Tracking

5. Space content and manage cognitive load

Personalized Learner Dashboard, Reflection Prompts

6. Offer social support and provide feedback

Optional Action-Focused Discussion

Sims, S., Fletcher-Wood, H., O’Mara-Eves, A., Cottingham, S., Stansfield, C., Van Herwegen, J., Anders, J. (2021). What are the Characteristics of Teacher Professional Development that Increase Pupil Achievement? A systematic review and meta-analysis. London: Education Endowment Foundation. Accessed from:

Thomas Chandy Varkey, John A. Varkey, Jack B. Ding, Philip K. Varkey, Colton Zeitler, Anne M. Nguyen, Zachary I. Merhavy, Charles Ryan Thomas; Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning ISSN: 2397 - 7604; Open Access. Article publication date: 12 December 2022; Issue publication date: 30 March 2023. Accessed from:

Consultants, Creators, and Coaches use PopPD to craft personalized learning experiences in an interactive workspace learners rave about.

→ Design your own challenges

Inspire your audience to work through your curated resources, and add a task tracker to optimize for implementation.

Keep an eye on how your learners are taking action.

→ Curate your learning experience in your own dashboard

Coming in Spring 2024- Stop worrying about pricing your offers! (We think it gets in the way of good learning.)

Create a dashboard of your learning content and invite subscribers.

→ Curate toolkits for your learners

Give your audience everything they need to reach their goal. 

Our learning templates help you think beyond a bunch of videos organized into modules and lessons.

→ Annotate your videos

Record demonstrations and give a play-by-play with our annotation feature.

Make updates to your resources by adding a side-by-side annotation for learners. No more re-recording videos!

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Consultants, Organizations, and Schools use PopPD to offer custom training and personalized support for their learners.

Use PopStudio to…
  • Design your own virtual learning experience
  • Give your learners access to your closed workspace
  • Measure implementation and offer customized support
Hire our Coaches to..
  • Need help with instructional design or delivery? Get access to a list of qualified Instructional Coaches, ready to create training content for your organization.

Creators use PopPD to share their ideas and expertise with people around the globe.

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  • Share your unique perspective. Broadcast your ideas and thought leadership to the world.
  • Get paid to show your expertise. Set your own prices and earn money for your work.
  • Express your creativity. Design a learning experience your audience will shout about from the rooftops!
  • Have your contributions celebrated. Create a curated portfolio of your ideas and expertise -- design your legacy.

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  • Free access to our signature quick-start program for creators.
  • Design and publish your first class with linked and embedded multimedia resources.
  • Use annotations to easily enhance and update your content. And allow learners to save their own personal notes right next to yours!
  • Monetize your class to validate your offer and start earning from your expertise. (With a 10% transaction fee + payment processing fee on all sales.)
  • Explore and start building your first challenge. Upgrade to Pro when you're ready to publish and monetize challenges!
  • Chat and Email Support


Unlock our unique learning experience templates designed to optimize for implementation.

$16 / month


  • Everything in the Free plan.
  • Design and publish up to 15 classes and challenges with uploaded resources, including timestamped annotations on your videos!
  • Add tasks and task tracking to your challenges to increase engagement and implementation of your content.
  • Publish and monetize classes and challenges with a 0% transaction fees on all sales (payment processing still applies).
  • Chat and Email Support


Grow your learning experience dashboard with advanced tools and support to help you expand and deepen your impact.

$60 / month


  • Everything in the Pro plan.
  • Design and publish up to 50 classes and challenges, with priority access to new learning templates and other creator tools (anticipated Spring 2024).
  • Personalized, white glove onboarding experience.
  • Priority chat and email support from dedicated instructional technology, content development, and marketing support specialists.

“I just got the most amazing email from one of my participants."

"This woman’s outlook is transformed! And it literally would not have happened if it were not for PopPD Thank you for what you’re doing. I’m in tears over this!”

- Creator

“In the past few years, I've been playing around with providing professional development for my teachers virtually."

"PopStudio gives me the ability to curate videos and resources I find online into pathways of content. I might even make my own videos! It's easy to use and helps my teachers focus on exactly what they need.”

- School Leader

“We needed to develop a virtual training..."

"...but without a Learning & Development specialist on our team, it kept getting pushed to the bottom of our to-do list. PopStudio makes it easy for us to roll out our training through quick, actionable content.”

- Organization Founder

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