Design your custom
PD experience.

Connect with our select group of Certified Coaches for in-person or hybrid PD experiences that fit the needs of your district.
We design effective and
meaningful training experiences.
No more "one and done" PD workshops. We develop hybrid experiences combining
live training with virtual coaching cycles and on-demand resources to support implementation.
Certified Coaches
Find a content expert (or two!) to support your school's unique needs.

Schedule a virtual or in-person training with the coach of your choice.
Virtual Coaching

Use the PopPD platform to continue supporting implementation after live training sessions.

Upload instructional videos to get feedback from your coach and ask questions.

Continue the discussion in a private, virtual space for your school.
Resource Library
Give your teachers access to the coach's library of training videos, tools, and resources.

Give your teachers access a bank of resources created by your coach.
Featured Coach
Our Coaches have extensive experience in their content area and actively work as PD presenters and Instructional Coaches for school districts around the United States.
Heart-Centered Instructional Methods
Andriana has coached over 4,000 teachers implementing her framework for solid classroom and behavior management. Her 5 Keys to Heart-Centered Teaching will transform the culture of your entire building while giving students consistent, ongoing practice with social and emotional skills.

Andriana helps teachers use a common set of foundational skills, language, strategies, and routines that support coping skills, relationship building, self-awareness, and emotional regulation, giving students the best opportunity to be successful.
How does a hybrid PD work?
Connect with a Certified Coach.
Let us help you find a content expert (or two!) to support your school's unique needs. Schedule a virtual or in-person kick-off session.
Partner with PopPD to plan your hybrid experience.
Work with our dedicated PD Planning Team to plan the most supportive PD experience from your first live training to follow-up virtual support.
Support teachers through implementation.
After delivering the live PD, your coach will continue to support and provide feedback to teachers inside the PopPD hub.
Meet our
Certified Coaches!
Contact us to share your goals, and we will provide you with a list of content experts ready to present PD for your school.
Jess Karr
K-6th Grade Art Instruction
Maureen Curtin-Parker
7 - 12th Grade Math & Science
Mikey Sivert
Social Emotional Learning
Dameekia Edwards
3rd & 4th Grade Differentiation
Laura Petix
Occupational Therapist
Michelle Schmidt Moore
6 - 8th Grade ELA

Use our PD Planning Team  to find the right support.

Don't see a PD Presenter that fits the needs of your school? Contact us to share more about the support you need, and we will find the right content expert.
Explore On Demand Workshops
Try one of our on-demand workshops or challenges to provide your teachers with relevant teaching strategies and resources in a bite-sized format with resources tailored to topics they're interested in.
Building Strong Foundations: Planning the First 3 Days of School for MS and HS Teachers
Plan your first three days by establishing organized systems, igniting excitement, building strong relationships, and fostering a positive classroom community.
10 Simple Activities for the First Week of School
I'm here to help you kick off the school year with fun, engaging community building activities for your upper elementary classroom. These get to know you activities will set the tone for a positive start to the year in your classroom.
Parent Communication 101: For Teachers Who Are Scared to Call Home
Teachers will leave this 10-minute PD with a basic phone script to use when calling home and the knowledge in how they can change it for different types of calls home.
Building Creativity Into Your Classroom
Work through ways that align with your interests, skills, and talents when it comes to feeling like you are able to add creativity into your life and your classroom.
4 Easy Steps to Powerful Reading Lessons
This training covers reading lesson ideas and instructional techniques to lead powerful literacy lessons in your elementary classroom.

Intro to Automating Your Classroom with ChatGPT
By completing this challenge, you will be able to leverage the power of ChatGPT to streamline your teaching process, freeing up time!

PopPD for Schools & Consultants

Create a Learning Experience

Create a private, personalized bank of training resources for your teachers.

Give Feedback

Help your teachers implement with virtual coaching cycles.

Include Your Notes and Questions

Use our platform’s features to include your own notes and discussion questions alongside demo lessons.

Chat with Teachers

Keep track of communication with teachers and provide 1:1 support with chat and host your own professional learning communities.