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Instructional Toolkits &
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All the instructional strategies and resources your teachers need to implement a solid classroom and behavior management method that will transform the culture of your entire building while giving students consistent, ongoing practice with social and emotional skills.


Are you a Heart-Centered School?

➡️ You want every student in your school to feel safe and supported, so they can build healthy relationships with their peers and the adults in the building.

➡️ You’re ready for the kind of massive shift that takes place when teachers are equipped with common language, strategies, and routines across grade levels to support students’ social and emotional well-being.

➡️ You want your teachers to feel like confident, sturdy guides in the classroom, so they can bring joy and ease back into their teaching days.

➡️ You’re looking for a school-wide approach to behavior that begins with empathy.

Imagine each teacher in your building or on your team leading their classroom with confidence and joy.

Teachers smiling and waving to one another as they leave school for the day, feeling fulfilled and ready to do it again tomorrow. Students feeling fully supported with routines built around social and emotional skills that go much deeper than word-of-the-month posters, sticker charts, and prize boxes. (Building the kind of skills students will need to be successful in school… and beyond.)

The Heart-Centered Method gives teachers and school leaders all the strategies, language, tools, and support they need to create the classroom and school environment you’ve always envisioned.

Teaching The Heart-Centered Way is easier than ever before with a new learning experience that will easily become a favorite teaching tool amongst your staff.


Students impacted by Heart-Centered Teachers
Educators supported through core programs

You already know that approaching a student’s education requires much more than understanding academic needs.

When we can give every student a common set of foundational skills, language, strategies, and routines that support coping skills, relationship building, self-awareness, and emotional regulation, we give students the best opportunity to be successful. Behavior struggles become opportunities for practicing relationship-building skills. Chaotic classrooms become well-oiled, predictable, supportive places to learn. Every interaction in the school building is approached with empathy first.

Walking into your school building feels joyful, uplifting, and motivating because of one thing at the center of it all… Heart.


The Heart-Centered
Classroom Instructional Toolkits

By Andriana Zarovska

All of the strategies, language, and methods of a Heart-Centered Classroom packed into a learning experience that will become the daily go-to teaching resource for the educators and support staff in your building.


The Tools You Need to Teach
the Heart-Centered Way All Year Long…

Play-by-Play In-Action Videos

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the language, movements, and nuance of a Heart-Centered Classroom in these model videos, and hear my reflections alongside.


Short, intentional mini-trainings that walk you through the Heart-Centered Method.

Demo Lessons

See examples of the method in a real classroom setting, complete with a printable cheat sheet to help you remember the Heart-Centered language as you teach.

When you become a Heart-Centered School, you’re doing so much more than “fixing problematic behavior” or teaching SEL skills.

You’re giving students a common language around community, behavior, relationships, and coping, which will restore the peace in your classroom and reignite your joy for teaching.

Toolkits in Action


Heart-Centered Classroom Management Toolkit

I want to feel confident when I walk into my classroom.

Activities & Demos:
  • Teach Confidently
  • Your Dream Classroom
  • Dream Classroom Reflection Pages
  • Classroom Layout Planner

I want students to feel comfortable with me.

Activities & Demos:
  • Connect with Students
  • Home Visits
  • Caregiver Buy-in
  • Home Visits Checklist
  • Student Information Tracker
  • Feelings Check Cheat-Sheet

I want students to feel welcome in our class

Activities & Demos:
  • Make Students Welcome
  • Chants & Callbacks
  • Share Circles
  • Rise & Shine Routine
  • Chants & Songs Pack
  • Share Circles Cheat-Sheet
  • Rise & Shine Slides
  • Conference Support Pack
  • Newsletter Templates

I want students to Iisten to me.

Activities & Demos:
  • Help Students Listen
  • Setting the Foundation
  • Building the Foundation
  • When Students Don't Listen
  • Mighty Three Cheat-Sheet
  • Partnerships Cheat-Sheet
  • Speaking & Listening Templates

I want students to meet our classroom expectations.

Activities & Demos:
  • Help Students Meet Expectations
  • Modeling Expectations
  • Reinforcing Expectations
  • Grade Level Adjustments
  • Supporting Struggling Students
  • Character Friends Pack

I want students to listen and care for one another.

Activities & Demos:
  • Help Students Support Each Other
  • Feelings Check
  • Top Three Practice
  • Conflict Resolution & Repairs
  • Empathy Mini-Lesson
  • Top Three Cheat-Sheet
  • Top Three Communication Note
  • Healing Circles Cheat-Sheet

I want students to act with integrity.

Activities & Demos:
  • Help Students Act with Integrity
  • Supporting Student Integrity
  • When Students Don't Act with Integrity
  • Integrity Mini-Lesson
  • Heart-Centered Affirmation Station

I want students to feel excited about being part of our classroom community.

Activities & Demos:
  • Build a Classroom Community
  • Three Layer Cake
  • Balancing Rewards
  • Class Scoreboard Template & Cheat-Sheet
  • Table Points Signs & Labels
  • Clip-Up Star Template & Cheat-Sheet

Heart-Centered Behavior Management Toolkit

I want to be confident in who I am as a teacher.

Activities & Demos:
  • Teach Confidently
  • Harnessing Your Teacher Identity
  • Bringing Your Whole Self to the Classroom
  • Personality Tests Reflections
  • Teacher Affirmations List

I want my students to feel confident in who they are as individuals.

Activities & Demos:
  • Help Students Feel Confident
  • Self-Esteem Mini-Lesson
  • Healing Circles
  • When Students Struggle with Self-Esteem
  • Self-Esteem Mini-Lesson
  • Self-Love Mini-Lesson
  • Healing Circles Cheat-Sheet

I want to respond to the unique individual needs of my students.

Activities & Demos:
  • Differentiate Emotional Support
  • Lack of Control
  • Habit
  • Connection-Seeking
  • Feelings of Inadequacy
  • Protecting Students' Self-Esteem
  • Emotional Needs Cheat-Sheet
  • Problem-Solving Mini-Lesson

I want students to behave according to the agreed-upon expectations of our classroom.

Activities & Demos:
  • Help Students Behave Appropriately
  • Heart-to-Heart
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Fuzzy Method
  • Heart-to-Heart Cheat-Sheet
  • Positive Behavior Call-Outs
  • Experience-Based Rewards List

I want to respond calmly when students are struggling in our classroom.

Activities & Demos:
  • Respond Calmly
  • When You're Feeling Triggered in the Classroom
  • Creating Space for Yourself in the Classroom
  • Grade Level Adjustments
  • Teacher Trigger Support List

I want students to be able to help themselves when they are struggling in our classroom.

Activities & Demos:
  • Help Students Support Each Other
  • Feelings Check
  • Top Three Practice
  • Conflict Resolution & Repairs
  • Empathy Mini-Lesson
  • Top Three Cheat-Sheet
  • Top Three Communication Note
  • Healing Circles Cheat-Sheet

I want students to feel excited about learning in our classroom.

Activities & Demos:
  • Build a Fun Learning Environment
  • Teaching Growth Mindset
  • When Students Struggle with Growth Mindset
  • Movement-Based Learning
  • Growth Mindset Mini-Lesson
  • Growth Mindset Workshop Slides
  • Movement-Based Learning Ideas Guide
  • Movement-Based Learning Modifications List

When your team gets the Heart-Centered Classroom Instructional Toolkits, each teacher will also get access to a pack of resources to add to your toolkit, released once per quarter.

Resource packs will include:
1. Community Building Mini-Lessons
  • Teacher Script
  • Mentor Text Pairings
  • Activities
2. Problem-Solving and Coping Mini-Lessons
  • Teacher Script
  • Mentor Text Pairings
  • Activities
3. Relationship Building Mini-Lessons
  • Teacher Script
  • Mentor Text Pairings
  • Activities
4. Growth Mindset Mini-Lessons
  • Teacher Script
  • Mentor Text Pairings
  • Activities

Each resource pack will be centered around one of four heart-centered themes:




& Coping






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About the PopPD Platform

Your educational team will gain access to the Heart-Centered Instructional Toolkits through the PopPD platform, a dynamic virtual learning environment designed with K12 educators in mind.

Each member of your teaching staff will receive their individual login credentials for this platform. Within PopPD, teachers will have the capability to view and download educational materials, make digital annotations and notes on resources, and keep track of essential tasks associated with implementing Heart-Centered teaching practices.

The primary objective of this platform is to empower your educators by offering streamlined, action-oriented training and readily available teaching resources. For any inquiries or assistance related to accessing the materials and participating in the training sessions, the dedicated PopPD customer support team is readily available to provide you and your teachers with prompt and helpful guidance.

Why use a Hybrid PD Model?

Running a successful online professional development training program with in-person supports involves a thoughtful and strategic approach that encompasses a range of key elements, as supported by research and best practices.

1. Setting Goals and Prompting Metacognition

To kickstart the process, it's crucial to define clear training goals that align with the needs of the participants. PopPD’s personalized learner dashboards and reflection prompts can promote metacognition, enabling participants to think critically about their own learning and professional growth. This aligns with the research-backed idea that setting clear objectives enhances the effectiveness of professional development programs (Sims et al., 2021).

2. Teaching and Modeling Specific Techniques

The Heart-Centered Instructional Toolkits utilize mixed media instruction, which includes various multimedia resource formats supplemented with creator annotations. By teaching and modeling specific techniques using this approach, you cater to diverse learning styles and help participants grasp the content more effectively.

3. Prompting Idea Articulation and Development

In a hybrid learning experience, it’s essential to engage participants in idea articulation and development in a low-stakes environment. On PopPD, this is facilitated through learner annotations, encouraging individuals to actively reflect on the content and articulate their insights. This interactive approach aligns with modern pedagogical research that underscores the importance of fostering active learning and participant engagement (Varkey et al., 2022).

4. Embedding Learner Practice and Supporting Action Planning:

An effective online professional development program should include task-based projects to support implementation. These initiatives encourage participants to put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice. For each project inside the Heart-Centered Instructional Toolkits, your educators will be provided with tasks to help learners set tangible goals and apply their learning in real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing the transfer of knowledge and skills.

5. Spacing Content and Managing Cognitive Load

It's essential to distribute the training content effectively and manage cognitive load. Our supportive round table discussions help educators revisit content and deepen understanding.

6. Offering Social Support and Providing Feedback

Participants can interact, share their experiences, and seek advice inside a private community just for your team, school, or district. This fosters a supportive learning environment. Additionally, providing timely and constructive feedback on tasks and assignments can guide participants toward their professional development goals. We provide simple self-assessment rubrics teachers and Instructional Coaches can use to deepen the discussion around your work.

Online professional development offers distinct advantages over in-person PD.

It provides flexibility, allowing participants to access content and engage in learning at their own convenience, accommodating busy schedules and reducing the need for travel.

Additionally, our program leverages multimedia resources, enabling a more personalized learning experience. It tends to be cost-effective, eliminating expenses associated with physical venues and materials.

These combined benefits make hybrid PD a convenient, accessible, and efficient choice for modern schools and educators.

How it Works

The first 3 months consist of onboarding and “bootcamp style” training, with action-focused projects and check-in points. The next 2-3 months are meant to help teachers get additional support as they maintain and refine their Heart-Centered practices.


Choose Your Plan

Choose the tiered plan that works best for your team, school, or district. Reach out to hello@poppd.co if you’re not sure which plan is right for your needs, and we’ll help you determine the best approach for your educators.


Onboarding Survey

Schools are encouraged to complete a survey to provide details about their specific needs and preferences. This information will be used to customize the kick-off support and recommendations.


Leader Kick-Off Call

School leaders participate in a dedicated kick-off session. During this session, leaders and/or coaches receive a checklist to observe how teachers are implementing the method and gain access to a guide to facilitate Heart-Centered interactions with their teaching staff.


Survey for Educators' Needs

Schools conduct a survey among educators to identify their top goals and needs. This data will guide the initial steps of implementation. Based on the survey results, we recommend grouping educators around their specific needs to ensure targeted support.


Educator Kick-Off

Scheduled “Round Table” support calls with Andriana serve as connection points around specific topics and provide structured opportunities for ongoing support and learning. Receive a template for conducting Round Table meetings internally, allowing educators to continue to support one another during and beyond the program.


Educator Debrief & Reflection

Provided reflection exercise will help your teachers self-assess their progress and support their long-term engagement with the Heart-Centered teaching methods they have implemented.

Looking for more?

The Heart-Centered Teaching Method is divided into two levels:

Year 1 -Introductory: Implementing Heart-Centered Classroom & Behavior Management Strategies

Year 2 - Advanced: Refining Heart-Centered Techniques & Leadership Approaches


Test out the Heart-Centered Programs with the Free Heart-Centered Listening Reboot!


I’m your guide, Andriana! I'm an elementary-school teacher and the creator of the Heart-Centered Method.

I will coach your group of educators through The Heart-Centered Method where we will learn how to build a connected community, lead with empathy, and build a reflective practice around teaching.

This method has transformed the relationships I have with my students, and I have grown more as an educator (and person) than I could have ever imagined. I’ve spent the last 10 years developing an instructional method based on my teaching philosophy- that everything we do should be rooted in empathy, care, and compassion. (Heart!)

If you find yourself drawn to this Heart-Centered Mission, I’d like to invite you to join me in creating a Heart-Centered School, one that leaves you feeling connected, proud, and fulfilled… even on the hard days. I look forward to leading you through the Heart-Centered teaching methods through my Instructional Toolkits and inside a private community for your school or team.


How can we provide access to the toolkits for our entire team/school/district?

The Heart-Centered Instructional Toolkits are hosted on PopPD, an interactive learning platform for K12 educators. Upon signing up for the program, you will be contacted by PopPD team to set up access for your educators. Each educator will get access to their own personalized learning workspace, along with access to a private learning community to discuss the program as they work through learning and implementation. (Dependent on tier of support)

What kind of time commitment will this be for teachers?

Think of this PD as flipped learning, or “book club” style learning. Teachers will be placed into smaller groups based on their individual goals and needs, thus increasing intrinsic motivation throughout the process. We suggest providing teachers with at least one hour per week to consume training materials, prep instructional supports, and contribute to the community conversation. You may want to plan an additional monthly in-person meeting for these small-group PLCs.

How long will teachers have access to the toolkits?

Your educators will have access to the Heart-Centered Instructional Toolkits inside the PopStudio learning platform for one year following the start of the program. You will have the option to extend access as needed.

Can we add our own training and resources to the PopStudio platform?

PopPD has plans available for schools to host their own PD opportunities inside the learning experience platform designed for K12 educators. Contact the team at hello@poppd.co to find out how your school can tap into your school’s internal talent and curate online PD to provide additional supports.

When you become a Heart-Centered School, you’re doing so much more than “fixing problematic behavior” or teaching SEL skills.

You're giving students a common language around community, behavior, relationships, and coping, which will restore the peace in your school and reignite joy for teaching in your team of educators. This program prepares teachers to give students healthy ways to engage with one another and build relationships.

Thanks to this method, students will be equipped to handle academic and social challenges because they will have the space to talk about feelings and work through emotions and conflict daily.

Students will be ready to learn and collaborate through a mix of explicit instruction in social emotional learning and on-the-spot reinforcement of these skills. They will be able to problem-solve on their own, leaving the teacher space to focus on instruction and facilitate important conversations.

Most importantly, this program will help students prepare to tackle any changes that may come their way. They will work together to generate solutions that work for the entire classroom community, and they will feel safe to do so.

Give your teachers the gift of joining fellow Heart-Centered Teachers on a journey to give our students the skills they need to navigate this ever-changing world. This program provides ongoing support, accountability, and all the resources and strategies you need to become a Heart-Centered School. just for Heart-Centered Teachers.

Have questions about the Heart-Centered
programs or about the PopPD platform?
Contact the PopPD support team at hello@poppd.co.